Senegalese women’s message to the world

The real test is creating a strong foundation for women’s empowerment.

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Women in politics serve as role models for younger women. When there is a critical mass of them, and they are visibly playing leadership roles, a cycle of progress should set in.

Senegal’s experiment, as well as other global trends, is worth watching and learning from to ensure fundamental changes for women.


The Forum on Education Abroad: 2015 State of the Field Survey Report Now Available Online


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2015 State of the Field Survey Report Now Available Online

Note:  I find it interesting to learn The Forum confirms program cost and rising cost as the top concern preventing students from studying abroad. I shared this same concern with higher education administrators and education abroad colleagues, within the past year. Program cost and rising costs were followed by health and safety concerns, and adequate pre-departure preparation.

I have yet to meet a student who does not want to study abroad. Most students I advised in the past year cited ineligibility for financial aid or loans, unsustainable high-interest loans, or lack of personal savings or source of funding to support them throughout the program as their main reason for not studying abroad. This problem is made worse when students fall into the category of “non-traditional” college students; that is students who: 1) are first-time college students in their family facing economic challenges; 2) work full or part-time and study part-time; 3) are individuals or working parents returning to college for a career change, or veterans.

The question is, as education abroad advisors how do we access funding resources and pair them to students who are excellent candidates for study abroad? ~Mary Getsey Bernier, Jump Start Solutions LLC

“The Forum is pleased to release the 2015 State of the Field Survey Report. Since 2006, the State of the Field Survey has polled Forum member institutions and organizations on key issues and trends in the field of education abroad, tracking changes over the years. This year, the survey also revisited the questions asked in The Forum’s 2007 Survey on Program Management in Education Abroad. Key findings include:

• The Top 3 concerns in the field this year were: 1. Program costs and rising costs, 2. Health and safety, 3. Adequate preparation of students;
• Increased collaboration between U.S. institutions and third-party program provider organizations and consortia;
• Fewer site visits paid for entirely by program provider organizations and an increase in cost-sharing efforts for these visits;
• Increased transparency efforts through communications and publicity.”

International Education News l The PIE News l US: 21 arrested in pay-to-stay visa fraud

News and business analysis for Professionals in International Education

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“It goes without saying that international students are a very valuable asset to our country. They enrich our universities, our economy, and our society by sharing their diverse perspectives, skills and experience but, as these cases show, the programme can be exploited and abused.” ~ Sarah Saldaña, Director, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, US Homeland Security Investigations

George Mason University: For the World

The World Affairs Council awarded George Mason University with the Educator of the Year Award, which was accepted by President Dr. Ángel Cabrera on Marc

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Mason. For the world. Congratulations, George Mason University, globally recognized by the World Affairs Council as the 2016 recipient of the “Educator of the Year Award.”

New study reveals Equestrians are structured and balanced

A new study, conducted by the German National Federation FN , revealed equestrian can be described as; determined, enthusiastic, structured and balanced . The

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More proof horse people are “stable” people!

““The close contact with the animal requires a high degree of empathy and sensitivity for the subtle body language of horses. This capability helps when dealing with people, too,” Soenke Lauterbach, General Secretary of the FN emphasizes.”